2018, the Year of Frosted Glass

Walls, in my opinion, are overrated. People don’t pay me to design their homes using normal, accepted methods…no, I get the big bucks by thinking outside the box, looking at the box and thinking about how it can be a truly amazing box.

And in this case, I’m thinking of a box made of frosted window glass. Professionals have existed for years in Melbourne, crafting delicate pieces of frosted window with surprising durability. I myself am quite a fan, having a few pieces installed throughout my personal apartment-condo-castle-bunker.

Now I’m wondering if one could build an entire home out of frosted glass. It provide privacy, but doesn’t entirely obscure the forms of that which is on the other side. You’d essentially be creating a new form of privacy, while also being able to provide evidence of the life inside at all times. Certain folks might find that quite appealing, especially the board of the Unique Homes and Gardens competition for 2018.

I’m seeing it now: a frosted glass home, glistening in the morning sun like a diamond. It would turn heads to the point where people would come from miles around just to see it! Of course, it either has to be a linear shape or something totally out there. Basically, a perfect cube or a maze of winding glass hallways. Now, I did mention the sun, and heat is going to be a problem. This is, in essentials, a greenhouse, and the heat is going to be rather intense. Perhaps we could look into some kind of…temporary tinting? I excel at pushing boundaries, so surely there are commercial window tinting companies in Melbourne who can help me achieve this dream. A home that tints in the summer, but is otherwise free to display its frosted glory. It would have to be high-quality tinting, obviously…and perhaps there can be some kind of innovative ventilation system as well. When I have a home idea, however…nothing will stop me until it’s built.


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