Pup Surprise

Well, that was a hectic few hours! Who’d have thought that dog-sitting could be such an adventure? I suppose I should know by now to expect the unexpected when it comes to anything associated with my sister, Hilda. Seemingly, that includes her beloved Saint Bernard, Stephanie.

When I turned up to Hilda’s house this morning, I noticed that Stephanie looked notably tubbier than she had a few weeks back. I didn’t give it too much thought, thinking that it was probably just her winter coat or something. But then I noticed that she was acting really restless, panting and pacing  in a way that was out of line with her usual relaxed demeanour. 

Worried, I went looking for a number for an emergency vet service. Bayside, it turns out, has a few, which was a relief. I would probably have freaked out otherwise, not being able to contact Hilda. Anyway, I got Stephanie into the car (not without difficulty) and off we went.

The vet immediately announced that Stephanie was in labour. Surprise! I am absolutely certain that Hilda mentioned nothing about this. Surely she would have known about it, given how much she dotes on Stephanie. Did telling me simply slip her mind? I haven’t been able to confirm this, seeing as she’s out of contact at a meditation retreat for the next ten days. It’s all a bit bizarre.

Anyway, I was kind of in shock, but also full of adrenaline. It was all happening so fast; suddenly the birth was underway! I called Mark to come down for support; luckily he was just over in Brighton. Vet or no vet, Stephanie would have given birth with ease – no drama ensued whatsoever, and she looked quite chuffed with herself. I was the one in need of support. 

It was lucky that Mark did come down because I really needed help getting the babies (just two of them) into the car without passing out from cuteness overload. Needless to say, many more adventures await over the next ten days!

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