Great Hair Treatments

You know, those 80’s suits seem a bit clunky, but I really like their supposed hair function. While you’re stomping around inside of them, they’ve apparently got a feature that can give you an ‘ambient hair treatment using sprays of essential oils and light therapy’. I haven’t heard of any of those things, and when I asked my hair stylist she hadn’t either, but I’m willing to give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, and my hair can be pretty stubborn in the morning.

I have a hair appointment booked, so maybe I can ask some hairdressers when I’m actually in the shop. Had to get a hair salon booking near David Jones, since we just switched offices and it’s on my route, and I only just learned that the train goes UNDERGROUND, which seems crazy to me. Like, why does no one talk about the Melbourne underground? Everyone goes nuts about the London underground, but…our train goes underground too. So there.

Oh yeah, so, hair. Sharon at work is always going on about essential oils and how they’re going to save the human race, so I asked her if there were essential oils for hair and we talked for like an hour, after which I walked away with six different oil kits for a whole body rejuvenation. Also, I think I’m signed up to a monthly service of some kind.

But to cut it short, looks like oils CAN be good for your hair. So like…I get in my suit, which makes my commute a lot shorter, and my hair is made all smooth by the time I get to work. They DO say that they don’t do styling, so I’ll need now is a good quality hair stylist. Melbourne CBD is full of inspiration for hair styles so I’ll be spoiled for choice. It’s a good start. And the in-built shoulder pads should mean that I don’t have to worry about getting mugged.


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