Paperwork and Offices

Apparently in this realm they have things called ‘chiropractors’, and they’re the ones that help you out when you have twinges in your back. Sounds pretty good to me, because I sit horribly from all those years at the academy. Sometimes the light would be very dim up there in the tall tower, and sometimes we ran out of candles, so…you had to sit very close. I’m just now getting the dreaded twinges, when your back is complaining but there’s no horribly serious pain…yet. But that’s about to get worse, and there are other aches and pains.

I’m sure these chiropractors will do the trick, just like supermarkets provide you with many good things, and there are companies in Melbourne that do property conveyancing. All day. All the time. Okay, but…wow, it’s such a different culture to where I’m from, sometimes I still forget that these people rely on other means to get things done. It’s the whole reason I came here at all. I quite like the idea of conveyancers, sitting in their conveyancing office…conveyancing. Like, that’s their job. All computers and paperwork.

This is why I never fit in back in my home realm. I’d suggest that maybe we should do something with mundane methods today, instead of using magic for every single tiny little thing. And then they’d look at me like I was a Snark-Loogied Bogletrot. If I’d brought up the subject of conveyancing, I’d probably have been subject to an exorcism.

Well, I LIKE the way mortals do things. I like it in Melbourne, title transfer professionals are great, paperwork can be thrilling, and flushing toilets are the absolute best. As far as I know, nobody has invented a spell for THAT as of yet.

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