Coffee to get Me Though the Inspections

The night coffee guy is the only reason I’m still doing this job. To be clear it’s a coffee truck that trundles around in the night, giving sweet relief to all who work night shifts. Best idea ever. Actually, I wish I’d had that idea instead of the business idea I’m currently doing.

Turns out that a surprising amount of people are okay with home inspections by night. I suppose people do night shifts, or they get back late, or they go partying, or…maybe they’re just asleep and don’t care that an avant-garde estate agent is leading people around at night. Home inspections, at a time that suits you, day or night!

No, the main problem has been liaising with other businesses. The other night we had a lead for a buyers advocate company around Melbourne, and we rely on those guys for a lot of our clientele. The people didn’t have time during the day, so I thought I’d try and contact them, see if there were any buyers advocates available after hours, but…these people said they work long hours during the day, so the only time they could meet with a buyers advocate during the day.

Goodbye clients, I guess. Not that I blame buyers advocates and estate agents for not being available at 3am; it’s actually the clients that cause the most headaches. Who would’ve thought that people who work weird hours and are up at weird times, who also want to view homes in the dead of night, are also strange people themselves? There’s enough of a market for people wanting to do viewings late at night and early in the morning, but I’m still not sure it’s something that SHOULD exist. Maybe the property advocates servicing Melbourne during the day are the ones who have things sorted out. Normal office hours, normal office people. And coffee options, instead of just getting it from the truck.


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