Dinky-Di Aussie Invention, Mate

All this talk of football coming home, and yet everyone fails to realise that football has failed to come to its REAL home…Australia. Of course, we gave it a different name and perhaps neglected it a little in favour of our other sport, the actual football, but the fact still remains that Australians kinda invented soccer/football as we know it, and no one wants to acknowledge that fact. Just because we’ve basically disowned it doesn’t mean it’s not ours.

If you look at the historical evidence, Australians actually invented a whole bunch of things, but since we were a small nation and lacked influence on the world stage, nobody wanted to give us the credit. We invented pineapples, the Dow Jones index, and of course proper principles of home buying. Mm-hmm best not to forget buyers advocates, Melbourne is where it all started. You won’t find such a noble profession anywhere else in the world, because it started here in Melbourne, like many other good things.

See, before a canny Australian real estate agent in the early 20th century came up with the idea, purchasing high-end properties was a nightmare. As a matter of fact, it was impossible to break into the market at all due to the affluent and powerful people not wanting any of this ‘new money’ owning land, so as soon as it went onto the market, they’d use their connections and wealth to snap it up.

Enter the property advocates, people with the sole purpose of sniffing out premium properties, and they could be hired by anyone. The elitism came to a brutal end, and this great Australian tradition spread all around the world; or at least, the principle. Now, anyone can buy high-end homes, thanks to the efforts of just a few property advocates operating in Melbourne, subtly making the world a much better place. And nobody ever thanked them. Tsk, tsk. Maybe everyone should spend less time worrying about football, and more about Australian innovation.

Which is also football.

-Kyle J

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