Energy Monitoring Sure is Powerful

 The calendar is looking pretty full. Between this baby shower, the wedding on Saturday, and the Astral War of the Seventh Meridian (my favourite game), I don’t think I have any time to breathe. Oh, and they always SAY that these Astral Wars are calculated down to the microsecond, but they’re always a couple of nano-seconds off. Makes my role as impartial adjudicator downright difficult.

Anyway, you just deal with these things as they come, and try to slot them into your schedule alongside finding someone to watch the kids. Of course, I have to stay at home for all of Thursday to wait for the smart meter guy to come, but it’s going to be far easier once he does. Gosh, commercial energy monitoring has come a long way in the past few years. I think I’m one of the few people who still has to top up my gas and power with a key, but I’m finally entering the modern era with my very own smart meter. I suppose some companies wanted energy monitoring tech to eliminate every single spark of waste possible, and now it’s trickling down to us common folk. At least it’ll help me see what I use, and maybe even do a bit of cutting down myself. I need to save for that online gaming expedition to the heart of the Jungle on the dark side of the Lunar Colony. It’s an expensive holiday, but I need a titanium-strength helmet to stop my head from being bitten clean off; not just any old helmet will do.

Suppose we’re all getting a bit more conscious of the energy we use. You go into the Melbourne CBD and there are industrial solar panels on top of all the buildings. Not THE most efficient way of doing things in Melbourne, but until they invent some sort of commercial solar. I’ve done some research and it appear that a 100kw system will do the trick. We do get SOME sunny days. Might be something to think about for the house in the future.


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