Glass Dreams

I’m pretty sure that most people, when they wake up from a dream, let it go. They might have a chuckle about it, or run a quick analysis on the symbolism, or tell their friends about it. But rarely will they think to themselves, right – time to actualise this obscure imagery on the earthly plane.

Well, that’s precisely what my hubby does quite a lot of the time. In his defence, he’s an artist, so he’ll generalise realise his dream imagery within the context of an artwork. Still, it makes for a somewhat surreal state of affairs. This morning over breakfast he announced that he’d dreamt that our house was made of glass, and that he’d like to honour the dream by adding more transparency to the structure. 

He wants to start by removing the wooden handrails on our front steps and balcony, and in their place installing glass balustrades. Melbourne readers: has anyone had this kind of glass fencing added to their home? What was the damage? How long did it take?

As you might be able to tell, I’m the practical party (hey, it’s all relative). In other words, I’m the one who’s always roped into executing hubby’s whimsical ideas, at least when he wants to implement them outside of an artwork. It’ll be me who reads up on glass safety standards, figures out if we can afford the installation, and chooses a finishing option for the steel clamping plates.

One upside to this particular idea is the fact that we could hit two birds with one stone (although I should probably lay off the stone metaphors if we are, in fact, going to be living in a glass house). We need a glass replacement done in the kitchen window, and we could get the glazier to do both jobs.

I think hubby’s dream is about the broken window – honestly, it’s just his subconscious reminding him that we need to get it fixed. But there’ll be no persuading him to see it as anything other than profound inspiration from on high.

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