The Face of Solar

So now I’m ‘The Face of Solar’. I guess this means I Have to go and actually learn about solar power. Don’t want people stopping me in the street and saying “hey, you’re the guy from the ads about solar power. What’s the best way to install solar panels on my roof?”

The best I could give them is a smile and a “the best way is to look deep inside your heart.” Don’t know if they’d really like that answer. To be fair, it’s always best to look into a company if you know you’ll be working with them. Even if that company is essentially just promoting various OTHER companies that do commercial solar systems available here in Melbourne. Like…what IS a commercial solar system, anyway? I know solar power, of course. Solar power is supposedly the next big thing, or so they’re getting me to say in the advertisement. Basically all I know at this stage is a lot of buzzwords and whatever’s in the script, but that’s the thing about scripts…you memorise them, but you don’t really have to understand anything. That’s for the important people. I’m just a pretty face to have saying the words. That’s usually fine for me, but now solar power and energy storage and energy monitoring are all huge deals, and I feel obligated to put in at least a little bit of effort. Like…learn the lingo. I’m going to be the face of solar. Solar’s bright, beaming face. If people ask me about commercial solar solutions, I need to give them some sort of answer. If I make appearances at some promotional event, someone in the crowd is going to ask me if a 100 kw system is best to use for their business, and one wrong answer could tank the whole business. Some face of solar I’d be then, you know? Better get to googling.


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