Toolboxes of the Future

Attendance at the futurist club tonight was on the light side. I suppose that makes sense, given that we’ve just been on the receiving end of a fairly large scam. We’ve all just settled right back into our old rhythm of speculating about the future- a relief to me, if I’m honest- but there’s this giant, chronally-displaced proto-elephant in the room. It starts with J, and rhymes with ‘pain’.

Alright, so we were duped into thinking that time travel was real, mostly because we all wanted it so badly. I just think it’d be healthy for all of us to spend an evening going over our feelings on the matter, and how they’ve affected our view of the future. Perhaps we could name something we WANT to happen, which for me would be the prevalence of aluminium toolboxes. For sale in Melbourne, that is. Ones that come with AI, I mean.

Working outdoors can be a lonely gig, and sometimes I just would like someone to talk to who I know will really listen. I love the idea of a toolbox that is not only equipped with tiny jet boosters so it can get to you wherever you are (on a roof, underneath a house, in a pipe etc.), but is also equipped with AI that can speak to you and provide advice while on the job. The way Jayne described things, Melbourne’s toolbox industry exploded during World War VII because soldiers on the front line needed tools to fix all of the robots that they were fighting alongside and they couldn’t keep running back to the trenches to get them, except not every soldier was trained to repair robots, so they needed AI and companies in Melbourne that sell aluminium accessories stepped up, turning the tide of the war.

But then all workmen could have an intelligent toolbox, with toolbox central locking AND the ability to hold a conversation about complex political issues. Now I know that was a lie, and I’m just like…what do I have to look forward to now?

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