The Home of Sass

Welcome to Sass Place.

Please suspend your disbelief as we plate up our patented blend of impudence, gall, irreverence and effrontery. Dishing, tattling and idle chit-chat are all encouraged while you wait. 


No saucy snippet is safe from our crack team of gossipmongers. We’re serving fresh takes on all your favourite rumours, with a side of disregard for journalistic propriety. Expect coverage on pop culture, politics, science, celebrities, the weather and everything in between – all bulked out with flavoursome  insights you won’t find anywhere else on the web.


The truth has a dynamic mouth-feel, with notes of absurdity building to a salty finish. 

Sit back, sink your teeth in, and share it with your friends.

(this is a work of parody fiction and is not intended to be taken seriously)