Recreational Audio Implants Spotted in LA

Over the past week, there’s been mounting buzz on the subject of music industry wunderkind Shoshanna Edwards-Jenkins – always a favourite subject with the crew here at Sass HQ.

Rumour has it that the notoriously accomplished 22 year-old, who has clocked up songwriting and producing credits for some of the biggest names in pop (and made a mint in the process), has bought into LA’s emerging trend for implants – probably not the kind you’re picturing, mind you. 

A graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School and frequently spotted around Hollywood sporting her own label of cyber-chic studio headphones, Edwards-Jenkins is no stranger to sound tech. It’s no secret that she’s long had connections to influential figures in Silicon Valley, and sources say that she’s finally taken the plunge and plugged in to what is fast becoming known as the RAIN, or recreational audio implant network.

The little-known technology, controversial in medical circles, is said to be gaining traction among California’s tech elite and in underground party scenes since being featured on the popular cartoon Richard and Marty.

The automated devices can be programmed to stream media such as music and podcasts, as well as less conventional material such as RAOs (responsive audio overlays) – interactive 3D soundscapes that are mapped to objects in the user’s environment in real time.

While Edwards-Jenkins’ adoption of RAIN tech is yet to be confirmed, a close friend has disclosed that the star has jumped in feet first after following the development of the technology over the past decade. “I saw the violet light under her eyebrow,” claims the source. “It’s a dead giveaway.”

Celebrity hairdresser, Mikhail Brosno, has weighed in on this remark. “Her shaggy fringe is an ideal cover for the presence of such a device,” he said. “Over the past few months, she has been retaining more volume around the face, which lends itself to concealing the temple area. She may well be hiding something.”