Bunions and Battleaxes

The roll of the dice set the next phase of the oddball adventure in motion. Their characters were now neck-deep in the enigma that was the Cheltenham podiatry clinic. As the players immersed themselves in the bizarre narrative, they discovered that this clinic was not merely a provider of foot care but a gateway to extraordinary realms.

Their characters uncovered concealed doorways leading to unseen treatment rooms where magical wards and enchanted orthotics were made. They puzzled over cryptic footprints on the floor – literal footprints of mythical beings etched into the tiles. Each discovery was another piece in the puzzle of how to get support for common foot conditions in Melbourne, in a world where ‘common’ was extremely relative.

“We walk into the treatment room,” Clara’s rogue character declared. “I’m looking for magical artifacts, anything that could give us an edge.”

“In the room, you find what looks like a wand,” the Game Master intoned. “Upon closer inspection, it’s a device used for PACT photodynamic therapy. It emits a light that feels warm and soothing to the touch.”

“A magical light stick!” Clara exclaimed, grinning. “I pocket that.”

Next, they were introduced to a series of fantastical non-playable characters. An elf suffering from plantar fasciitis, a dwarf with Achilles tendonitis, and a centaur with a sprained hoof, all waiting for their turn in the clinic. The roleplayers’ amusement turned into focused concentration as they interacted with these characters, drawing out valuable clues and backstory.

The climax of their session arrived in the form of a corn-encrusted troll rampaging in the waiting room. Its gruff voice echoed through the clinic as it bellowed about its corn problem, waving a grotesque foot in their faces. The friends, united in their characters, strategized and role-played their way through the unexpected encounter, using the enchanted orthotics and PACT photodynamic therapy wand in a hilarious yet intense showdown.

The troll was finally calmed, his corn problem treated by the enchanted orthotics and the soothing light of the therapy device. As the session came to an end, the friends found themselves entirely drawn into the adventure they’d initially scoffed at. Little did they know, the final surprises were yet to come.