Building Roadblocks

Remember in my last update when I told you that everything was going smoothly and that I was really happy? Well, things have taken a turn for the worst, which tends to happen on large projects like this. I’m disappointed that I’ve reached a bump in the road, but it’s not unexpected.

What happened, you ask? Sometime last week after I had finally finished putting up the insulation, some sort of fox or animal ran through the insulation sheets and put big holes in them. They’re all gaping open and will have to be replaced, which is going to set my build back about a month. I’ve never had this happen in the suburbs so I didn’t prepare for it. Now that I think about it though, I should have bought some timber supplies in Cheltenham and built a temporary barrier, kind of like a fence, between my house and the animals that live nearby. Hindsight’s a good thing, I guess.

I know last time I said that putting up insulation is my favourite part of the build process, but I don’t want to do it again. I have no choice, obviously, but I really do want to be able to move onto the next step. I want to live in my new home as soon as I can, and I’m upset that this has pushed it back. 

I think I might go to the hardware store in Bayside this time to buy more insulation sheets, because the workers in Cheltenham may find it weird that I’m insulating my house twice. They have a lot of respect for me and I don’t want them to think that I’m not a good builder or that I make silly mistakes. So, the Bayside hardware store it is. 

I’m looking forward to really getting cracking with the build. Once the insulation is fixed it’s crunch time. This is where the magic happens.