Air Conditioning Love

I am living a love story. It’s without a doubt one for the ages and it is the type of story that people write about, sing about, scream about – you name it. I never thought that I would be the type of person that would be lucky enough to find unconditional true love, but I am. I’m so thankful for it. My boyfriend of three years is without a doubt the love of my life.

He spent years pining for me and never gave up, despite my initial rejections. I know to some people that could sound bad, like he should have accepted that I was not interested and moved on. But it wasn’t like that. He never made me feel like I had to have feelings for him. He just made sure that I knew that he wanted to be with me and if I ever wanted to be with him then he would be there. It took me almost three years to realise that I could never be without him and I want to tell you the reason why. 

He had a day off work and I was still at university so I could pretty much take any day off that I wanted. He asked to hang out with me and I said yes and said we should invite our mutual friends. He rejected this idea instantly saying that we rarely get to spend any time together just the two of us, and said it would mean a lot to him to spend quality time with me. I said okay on the condition that beforehand he got air conditioning repairs. Melbourne was hot at that time of year and his car was old, and I absolutely did not want to spend time on a road trip with him sweating buckets. And yeah I think I forgot to say but he wanted to take me on a day trip to the Peninsula. Very date-like now that I look back. 

He promised me that he would get a  service for our air conditioner. Melbourne isn’t going to be cooling down any time soon and I don’t want come back to a stuffy house. I’ll admit I was excited, but I wasn’t reading too much into my feelings.