Air Con

Air Conditioning Love

I am living a love story. It’s without a doubt one for the ages and it is the type of story that people write about, sing about, scream about – you name it. I never thought that I would be the type of person that would be lucky enough to find unconditional true love, but …

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Good Old Tom

Over-Botch doesn’t have a great many NPCs, but they do add them every now and then for the most popular professions. I guess they’re very slowly starting to populate the universe, but Tom will always be my favourite. He’s the one that shows up at everyone’s house on their very first day of play and …

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Spread the Cooling

All this talk of air conditioning, and it being too hot, and too cold…it’s disgraceful, really. It’s purely a distraction from the important things in life, like providing air conditioning to people in need. Like, people in need here in Toorak. Did you know that only 80% of homes in Toorak have air conditioning? Toorak …

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