Spread the Cooling

All this talk of air conditioning, and it being too hot, and too cold…it’s disgraceful, really. It’s purely a distraction from the important things in life, like providing air conditioning to people in need. Like, people in need here in Toorak.

Did you know that only 80% of homes in Toorak have air conditioning? Toorak is a needy area, if that wasn’t clear already. 80% of homes, and 98% of offices, and that’s better, but I think there might be an office somewhere that does NOT have air con, and that’s unacceptable.   

I can’t imagine living in a place that doesn’t have quality air conditioning, let alone going to work and having to stew in heat all day. If I was the boss of that office, I’d try to go out and see clients instead of having them come to me, but how sustainable is that, really? You’d never spend any time with your employees. You’d just have to drive around (in your air conditioned car, probably) feeling guilty that you’re out and about while they’re working in the heat, but no one REALLY wins because you’re sitting in traffic when everyone else is at least in one place.

So, you see how a lack of air con can drive a business into the ground, which is why I think there should be some sort of…government service. Like, minimum air conditioning for people living in Toorak, and the surrounding areas. Take some of that lucious housing money and put it to a truly good cause, that cause being air conditioning. South Yarra is even worse shape, with only around 76% of home residences having cooling services, so this is perhaps something that needs to spread.

Petition your local councils, petition the government! Standard air conditioning for…well, not ‘all’, but definitely people in Toorak, and maybe some other places.



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