Commercial Convo on my Commute

What’s the go with people having loud phone conversations on public transport? It’s particularly infuriating when you can tell it’s important to the speaker – I think it makes them raise their voice, enunciating every word with clarity, which makes it all the more difficult to drown out with a podcast.

Take this woman on the number 86 tram this evening. She was juggling a large folder of what looked like legal documents, while carrying out an official-sounding exchange regarding the sale of her business. I can only assume that this was a big deal, if her volume and tone was anything to go by.

The main topic at hand seemed to be business succession planning. Melbourne, surely, has commercial lawyers aplenty who’d be available to discuss this in person, so I don’t know why this was taking place during my evening commute. I don’t want to hear about your exit strategies and shareholder agreements at that hour, thank you very much.

I know I’m being a tad uncharitable here. This person was more than likely run off her feet, judging by the fact that she’s spending her own homeward commute obtaining commercial legal advice. Melbourne readers, how many of you have been through the process of selling a business in this town? What was it like?

Look, now I’ve had this line of thought implanted into my mind, I might as well try and make something of it by following up with some research. It’s possible that one day I’ll be that annoying person on the tram, barking questions about partnership agreements and trade sales into my mobile phone. Maybe I can save my voice when that time rolls around by getting some basic groundwork in now.

That reminds me – I wonder if mum ever got that thing with her will sorted out after she got remarried last year. I’ve been meaning to look into that, and keep forgetting. Maybe there’s something to be said for these loud public transport conversations, after all.

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