Draining Situation

What’s more disconcerting than waking up to a kitchen sink that refuses to drain? Answer: there are also gurgling sounds coming from deep inside the pipes. Bonus points for having a serious pile of dishes that needs doing, thanks to hubby choosing this morning to make a week’s worth of tagline before work and leaving the washing up as your share of the equation. I do appreciate the 5am cooking; I just wish he’d identified the sink issue before coating all our cookware in turmeric and olive oil.

That’s that, anyway. I’ll get it sorted, although I don’t have much experience with blocked drains. Preston locals, who do I call? A plumber? A drain unblocking specialist? Are they the same thing? I really don’t have time to be calling up a whole lot of different tradespeople, but those dishes aren’t getting any cleaner and we’ve got that rep from the private school coming over tonight. Maybe I’ll just wash the dishes in the shower.

Sigh. I’m 34; surely I should have the lowdown on how to get hold of drainage contractors. Melbourne parents, do you ever feel like you’re not meeting your own development goals? I’m joking – obviously, this is not a priority goal for me. Still, you know what I mean, right? Sometimes these things come up that you just feel you should be able to… do.

Why? Because we thought our own folks knew how to do them? Well, they probably didn’t know any more than we do, and figured it out on the fly just like us. Extra credit to them, though – they had to haul out the yellow pages to get the job done. All we have to do is type ‘drain services near me’ into our phones, and away we go.

Besides, there are lots of things I’ve accomplished that must render me a certifiable grown-up. For starters, I’m concerning myself with taking care of this sink situation, rather than simply leaving it til fester until someone else cottons on. And I’m having tagine for lunch.

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