Hooray for Budgeting

Budgets. Budgets are VERY grown up. I never thought I’d grow up, personally, but events certainly do move very quickly. One minute I’m teaching a prep class how to paint their favourite animal, my dream job, and the next minute I’m being shunted up the position of principal and I’m definitely not qualified. I think I just had the least amount of enemies- which is to say, no enemies- and now everyone has backed me for the job.

And it’s become all meetings, workplace drama…budgets.

The home economics room needs updating, that’s for sure. Even before I was making decisions, I could tell whenever I took the preps in there that a commercial oven and stove would at least be a decent thing for the front of the room, even if we let the kids use the less powerful stuff, and the preps just mix cake batter, basically. You need to be able to quickly bake things, cook things, and show how it’s done, and for that you need some commercial kitchen equipment. Ideally, that would be the first big change that I make- renovating the room from the ground up- but then there’s so much vying for my attention. A new set of basketballs for the gym, for example. The photocopier in the 5/6 office is close to giving up the ghost, and once they get a new photocopier, everyone is going to want one. That’s the great circle of life…you take money from one place, and give it to another. It’s not solving the problem; just kicking the can a bit further down the road so it becomes someone else’s problem. Question is…if we fully do up the home ec room with commercial stoves and ovens, will less parents complain than if we don’t get new basketballs? This is called diplomacy, children. It’s about as much fun as it sounds.

Don’t grow up, it’s all a big old scam.



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