Our Special Video

We just got our proposal video back and I am so excited to watch it. They sent it to us on this virtual platform and sent a really cute handwritten note in the mail telling us it was ready. It kind of looked like a save the date notice but it was alerting us to the fact that we could finally reminisce on the best moment of both our lives.

I really want to commend the work of the video production service by the Melbourne production company. I can’t believe how good of a job they did. It is seriously beautiful. The background music and backing track made my heart melt. They chose a song that was about someone being in love forever and finding the person of their dreams. As soon as I heard the song I added it to my playlist. It is going to play at our wedding and I have the video production company to thank for that.

The proposal video was seriously the best thing I’ve ever seen. It was so well made and they did this really cute thing and added subtle animations. I guess it makes sense that they did that seeing as they’re a video animation company. In the Melbourne CBD there are plenty of animators that my fiance could have asked to film and edit our proposal video, but my boyfriend said he wanted to choose the best. Apparently, he enquired with quite a few agencies and the production company he chose was a clear step above the rest. I have to agree with him. The work they produced is immaculate. It certainly helps that they had great subjects to film though… Am I right? Ha ha!

As I conclude this blog post, I just want to say that I’m over the moon. I’m so happy about how my life has turned out and I can’t wait to get this video production company to film our wedding. They will be the first people that I book in.