Needs A Service

So apparently it’s not that easy to get a ducted heating service on the day you decide you want one. I definitely knew that would be the case because heating service is in a very high demand these days, seeing as we’re coming up to winter. No one wants to spend any unnecessary time in the cold if they don’t have to. Unfortunately for my housemates and I, that’s going to be our reality for at least a couple of weeks.

I mean, we could get our heater serviced quickly, but we’ve all agreed that we want to wait for the best heater servicing technician in the Canberra area to come and service our heater. It’s worth the wait to ensure we get the most out of our heater and the best bang for our buck. We don’t want to have to keep getting our heater serviced over and over again because we decided to go with the easier option to begin with. Waiting for a heater service by a qualified technician is an investment in all of our futures, and better for her hip pocket in the long run!

We’ve officially been living in our house for a week and we’ve been quite lucky. The temperature hasn’t dropped too much that we’ve actually needed to put the heater on at all. I’ll admit, I’m feeling very relieved. I’ve escaped quite a bit of drama as it was my responsibility to organise the ducted heating service. Canberra renters (also known as my housemates) have very high expectations and I definitely failed to meet them by leaving it so long to book in the service. Luckily we haven’t needed to use the heater and I’ve escaped dealing with any drama for the time being. Hopefully, everything is smooth sailing once the ducted heating service technician has come and done what he needs to do. Fingers crossed!