Building A Table

I’ve got twenty minutes left until I go to bed and I’m just trying to fill the time until then. I live by a really strict schedule that sees me go to bed at 10:00 pm and wake up at 7:00 am each morning. I can’t go to bed before ten or I won’t get the perfect amount of sleep to wake up peacefully at 7:00 am. People think it’s weird that I stick to such a strict schedule but it is important to me and it’s the only way that I can properly function all day.

That’s why I need to find something to do for the next twenty minutes until I go to bed. Maybe I’ll get creative with my recently purchased timber supplies. Local to Cheltenham there’s a hardware store that I always like to visit because it gives me something to do. I’m not necessarily the handiest of people but I do like to get creative and make things when I have the time to. Seeing as I have some spare time up my sleeve now, I figured I may as well see what I can build just before bed.

Maybe I’ll make myself a new bedside table (which is very ambitious) and use it to put a nice cold glass of water on tonight. I like to keep water next to my bed in case I wake up thirsty. I have only allowed myself about five minutes of awake-time during the night and if I have to go downstairs to get a glass of water, my plan is thrown completely out of whack. 

I’m really glad that I went to the hardware store located in Cheltenham the other day on my way home from work. If I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have had anything to do in these last twenty minutes before bed. I probably would have had to read a book and that would have made me tired.