Beaches and Boating and Motors, Oh My


As in, ‘oh my, a beach!’ It’s really quite strange how Realsville just seems to have a whole lot of amenities that appear once and never show up again. Sometimes it’s surrounded by farming and grassland, like when Jenny hunted Lea into that cornfield on her wedding day so she could steal back her something blue, because her spiritual advisor had said that it was a magic sapphire that could grant wishes. And who could forget the sudden appearance of the Realsville mountain ranges, which became a pivotal part of Robbie’s revenge plot against Xander for stealing the idea for a cafe where you can go to pet friendly jellyfish. They never did find Xander’s body…so he’ll probably be back.

Now, the town is next to a beach. Never noticed that one! Obviously Kali has been doing some intense research into companies repair anchor winches, because she plans to convince everyone in the town that their only option is to leave everything and escape the forest people by heading out into the high seas. Trouble is that the townsfolk don’t really know all that much about boating, some of them even less than the savages who’ve lived in the forest their entire lives. Well, all except Jerome, who knows outboard motor repair like the back of his hand from being enslaved on a luxury cruise ship by his fake uncle for sixteen years, and now he has a crippling fear of boats so he won’t be much use.

Obviously this isn’t going anywhere, because shooting a floating town would cost a lot more than a pre-existing set, but I’m still sort of sold on the storyline. Kali is just so blazing with passion! She’s found all the places that do the best outboard motor repair Melbourne boat owners trust. She’s determined to load everyone onto boats to solve all their problems. And hey, maybe boats ARE the solution. But with so many people having been revealed to have aqua-phobia over the years, it’s not looking good.


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