I Just Want to Know Where the Course Is…

Not really into this new game. There’s nothing WRONG with making it slice-of-life, and I understand that it’s a pretty original idea. Still, just because the idea is original doesn’t make it good, and in this case, I can’t say I’m into it. The whole thing just isn’t really implemented in a way that I find interesting. I like the idea of having multiple skill trees, but the layout of the points screen is pretty confusing, and the tutorial is almost nonexistent so you don’t know how to recruit new members.

Do I need a rounded team, or should I surround myself with similar experts? Okay, for an example, I had the opportunity to recruit someone with expertise in dry needling. All good, but then I had a conversation with them where they said they were going to a dry needling course in Sydney…or they wanted to, except they couldn’t afford it. That last part was highlighted in purple, so it was definitely supposed to be a quest. I thought…okay. I’ll search around the hospital to see if I could find a poster advertising dry needling courses. Didn’t find anything, so I checked my mission terminal. Nothing there, so I looked all around the hospital to see if anyone knew anything about dry needling courses.

About five hours of gameplay later, I found a visitor in the morgue talking about how dry needling might have saved her husband’s life, because he died from some kind of sporting injury where his muscles seized up…and that STILL wasn’t it. I had to play a minigame to find the right morgue drawer, and then the lady came and talked to me again, and only THEN was I given the directions and a ticket to a trigger point dry needling course.

I mean…who coded this? Who wrote the dialogue, and made it so that just levelling up your companions was so incredibly troublesome? I’ve never once looked up a guide online, but I’m seriously considering it.


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