It’s Harder Than it Looks

Will I ever find my tie pin, that I dropped down the back of my desk two years ago? These questions, and many others, continue to…not bother me all that much, to be honest. I coast through life and I don’t even care. The only thing that’s really important to me is my continued ability to keep coasting through life, which I take VERY seriously. It’s my main skill.

Our office just got a whole makeover, no desk left untouched, all the wallpaper redone…everything was changed, basically. Because when Sydney based office designers come to do their thing, they do ALL of the things. Still, I made sure I got up at 5am that Monday morning so I could be in the office earlier than the boss, just to claim my new desk, make everything the way it was, put it back where it was meant to be (that is, in the corner on the opposite side of the room to the boss’ new office) and fill the desk with all of my personal nick-nacks so that no one would see me actually setting it up. People walk by and see a percolator, a gadget charging station and a mini-fridge for flavoured milk, and they don’t think anything of it. But they see you setting it up? That’s when there are questions. Fortunately, our office fitout gave everyone a power point at their desk, so I’ve already plugged two bar-plugs into each other to charge all of my stuff, as well as powering my coffee machine and milk fridge. Now THIS is something I can get behind: quality office interior design. Sydney is seriously the best place to work.

Well, I say ‘work’. I very carefully do not do any of that. I put quite a lot of work into just making it LOOK like I’m working here, at the back of the office. In fact, sometimes I come home exhausted from all the not-working-working.

Hang on…something seems wrong here…


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