The Inspiration of the Ocean Waves

Today I wandered from the path of life, mainly because some upstart had the audacity to steal my favourite ukulele spot down by the docks. I like to sit there when the weather is fair, drinking in the sounds of the sea, basking in the twilight zone between nature and industry, and serenading the waves with new and wonderful songs that just pop into my head. Not today though, because there was some idiot with a violin and a crowd of adoring followers tossing her change.

Bah! If you accept money for what you do, then you’re instantly a shill, except when you sell your album at music conventions. That’s the exception.

That’s fine, because it made me wander further along to where all the boats were tethered. I tested the first few lyrics of a song I’m now calling ‘Boat hull, bait board, fishing for fish’. The next line has to include the word wish, which is convenient because it rhymes with ‘fish’, and wish is one of my favourite words. I don’t know, it’s just, like…BEING there, amongst all the fishing boats, just made me feel like hardened sea captain, of the sea. I felt the spray of the foam, the joy at a massive catch, the satisfaction of having a new fishing rod holder installed. You know, I’ve often thought that I was akin to a vampire, except that I can drink in experiences just by being in a place, and I have literally no other vampiric traits. Just the experience thing, basically. I’ve never really felt a connection to fishing before, but something about being there, after having been kicked out of my favourite ukulele spot, just made me feel open to new and psychic experiences.

I need to use this power.  I need to use it to propel my songs to new and deeper heights.

No wait…greater heights. See, my mind is still full of fishing rod holders and the things of the deep. That’s where fish live, you know…


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