Last, Suspicious Straw

I’m not saying that the next door neighbours are vampires. I’m just…heavily implying it. And I know my stuff as well, because I watched every single movie in the ‘Night of the Living Vampires of Final Destination‘ series. Even the fifth one, which the rest of the fans think should be removed from the canon even though I don’t think it’s that bad.

I was taking a nice, nightly stroll around my garden, which I do for insomnia sometimes, when I saw that…Romanian fellow. You know the one. Is his name Ivan? Very friendly, and he always says hello when we see each other. But I saw him from a distance, planting spring flowering bulbs. I have quite the keen eye for plants, since my home has won the Tidiest Garden Award for two whole years running, and you don’t get that award by not knowing your Brindabella roses from the iceberg variety. But gardening is not usually done at night. I’m not crazy when I say that, am I? Gardening isn’t really a night activity. You do it in the day when you can make sure that you’re planting in the right direction, and a thousand other things that us intrepid gardeners have to think about. Night gardening is a strange thing to do, which is currently the main reason I think the whole family might be supernatural. Well, that, and the fact that he was clearly trying to breed an iceberg rose with something much darker, as if trying to create some sort of…night rose. If he succeeds I hope it’s pretty at the very least. 

Additionally there’s the fact that they hate sunlight, live in a castle, there are animal bones littering the grounds, all of them are inhumanly pale and sometimes people go in there and never come out.

But the iceberg roses thing? That’s just strange!


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