Break Down at Night

Ahh, if only there were more 24-hour services in the world…

That’s very wishful thinking on my part, of course. Back in my home country, there was almost nothing open after 9 pm. in fact, I can’t think of anything that ever was. Family time is very important to my people, you see. Now that we’re in Melbourne, things have improved considerably. Restaurants, department shops…a select number of them are open all night, or at least very late, meaning that we at least have options. Mechanics, however, are still open at normal hours. Not that I can blame them!

What happens when it’s 3 am, and I need car servicing. Thornbury doesn’t have any garages open at night as far as I’m aware. Such was my plight the other night, when I went on a visit, got back quite late and my car unexpectedly developed a fault. My fault, I should clarify. With all these work appointments I’ve been neglecting the basic necessities, such as oil and the like. I found myself rather stranded, and having to make use of another 24-hour service: a taxi. Such a marvellous thing. And I bet their cars are always serviced. Perhaps I should ask the taxi driver next time if they have a secret, 24-hour mechanic who they go to when a silly fellow like me needs to be picked up, but their tires are a bit shabby. Or maybe…they just plan ahead better than I do, and get their tire repairs during the day. My family and I have this condition, and thus things are rather difficult during the day. Although there are also VISITING mechanics.

I’m sure there are options. That’s the great thing about such a modern city: there are many options, even for small, insignificant things. Next time I’ll speak to the auto mechanic in Brunswick and see if they can help me out, perhaps suggest some after-hours auto services. Or…an alternative. I’m sure there are many such things in this advanced society.


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