Just Mechanic Problems

I’m really starting to see the doctor point of view, from multiple angles. Firstly, I now understand the frustration doctors feel when people book appointments because they have some sniffles. I say ‘people’, but I of course mean ‘hypochondriacs’. And then I’m also understanding the off-duty questions they must get when people find out they’re doctors and they think they can get free medical advice in the space of a normal conversation.

I’m not actually a mechanic, but it’s something I do a lot of in my spare time and now that I’ve become known for it, I’m getting ALL the questions. Next time I’m booking a car service in South Yarra (hey, I can’t do absolutely everything, and I don’t own a fully-equipped garage) I’ll make sure to thank them for their service. Both in the garage, and out of the garage.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to talk about cars in my off-hours. Cars ARE what I do in my off-hours; it’s my hobby. But still, I do get a bit antsy when someone with an ailing vehicle latches onto me like a dying person clinging to a life preserver, basically expecting my wise words to heal all their ills. I don’t know, maybe put some oil in your car every once in a while and pump up your tires? Have you heard of brake fluid? Or considered getting a new car? Because from the sounds of things, that might actually end up being the cheaper option for you.

Maybe if you work in a car servicing garage in Malvern, you just don’t say that anywhere near Malvern. You could say you work in, like…Sunshine. Nowhere near here. I could get you a discount, but you’d have to drive across the city, you know.

Wow, car servicing people must never get any peace, ever. And then you get the car hypochondriacs wanting their engine checked for the fiftieth time…no thanks. I’ll stick to doing it as a hobby and leave it to the real heroes.


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