Car maintenance benefits

I’m a big advocate for doing what you need to do in order to avoid having problems in the future. What I mean by this is taking steps to pre-empt any dilemmas. A great example of this is the steps I take to ensure proper car maintenance. I always drive according to the speed limit, …

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Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

A drive with friends in the country: what could be better? Well… how about not breaking down in the middle of nowhere, and having to walk 45 minutes down the road to get enough reception to call for a mobile mechanic? That’d be somewhat better. Unfortunately, it seems like this occurrence is part and parcel …

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Just Mechanic Problems

I’m really starting to see the doctor point of view, from multiple angles. Firstly, I now understand the frustration doctors feel when people book appointments because they have some sniffles. I say ‘people’, but I of course mean ‘hypochondriacs’. And then I’m also understanding the off-duty questions they must get when people find out they’re …

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