We Need a Very Understanding Mechanic

Step one: find a car mechanic who’s willing to take us on. We’re going to need an excellent car mechanic. Preston has some of the best so we’ll start the search there. Otherwise the tow truck costs are going to be immense.

That’s just what you get yourself in for when you try to start Melbourne’s very first destruction derby. We’ve found the arena, we know a good place to source old cars…and now we need some really reliable mechanics who’ll put up with us dragging some rather beaten vehicles to them, every now and then. Maybe more ‘now’ than ‘then’, ideally, we’d want someone in-house who can do most of what needs doing, and all the staff will have some basic idea of what to do in a crisis. Like, the everyday crisis that will be every single day, as we ram cars into each other for fun and profit. Still, it’d be quite remiss if we didn’t have a local automotive expert on hand in case things get nasty. It’s the whole reason we got our premises so close to the hospital.

Naturally, we’re going to try to minimise the damage. Sounds strange, but there are ways to make cars run into each other and lessen the amount of work that needs to be done afterwards to get them back on track. Of course, once we manage to purchase a gigantic, fire-breathing dragon dinosaur thing that eats cars and roasts them while the driver is supposedly inside (still working on the escape mechanism…it’s about 90% fool-proof at the moment) then we can think about just letting burning hunks of junk be burning hunks of junk. Even in the world of destruction derby, there’s such thing as a write-off.

No, wait…*especially* in the world of destruction derbies. I assume, anyway; we haven’t started ours yet. Still have to find a reliable auto repair mechanic near Preston. And I really mean reliable, because we’re going to be bringing them some real clangers. I’ll definitely have to make sure they know what they’re in for.


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