Kids These Days

Can we talk about kids these days? Sorry to sound like a grumpy old so-and-so, but when I was fourteen, I was more than happy to source my pocket money from four hours a week at the local fish and chip shops. My nephew, Brandon, is different. He tells me he won’t be settle for anything less than a paid internship with an established legal o22r medical firm. I kind of want to tell him to relax; I mean, come on. Precocious, much?

There’s also the evident fact that Brandon is preoccupied not with law or medicine, but with offices themselves. At least, he’s obsessed with the concept of offices; I don’t know that he’s ever set foot in one. I honestly think he’s been watching too much Lad Men, and maybe even a bit of Sneaky Finders, which is giving him a weirdly gritty outlook while also being entirely age-inappropriate.

I think someone needs to show the kid the kinds office interiors Melbourne realistically has to offer. I have no doubt that many of them are highly functional and technologically on the pulse, as well as aesthetically on point. What they probably won’t have is ornate liquor cabinets in ever room, or a great number of brooding men with chiselled jawlines and bespoke suits.

Alternatively, maybe someone ought to encourage Brandon to explore interior design or architecture, since that’s clearly his main area of interest. Who knows? He might have some killer office fitout ideas. Melbourne could potentially benefit a lot from his adolescent insight, if he was only aware of it.

With all of this noted, I do understand Brandon’s desire to skip the fish and chip shop job. The more I think about it, the more I realise that he’s clearly a creative type. That said, he’s basically still a child, and after school jobs of this nature are really the only thing that’s in the offing if he wants to save up for a tailored suit and briefcase.

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