Inner Child’s Play

Kids: should I have one? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for the past 18 months, and I still haven’t arrived at an answer. It all started when my best buddy, Nikita, surprised me by deciding to have a baby.

Now, Nikita is not at all the sort of personal I’d have expected to go there – we’ve always bonded over being pretty cynical about the whole deal. Turns babies are awesome, though, and I’ve surprised myself with my willingness to put myself forward as an on-call, free of charge childcare centre and walking entertainment directory.

It’s got me thinking about all the possibilities for fun activities, including things I’d have flat-out refused to do a mere year or so ago. For example, searching the internet for novelty play environments and opportunities for pre-linguistic socialising is fast becoming a favourite pastime of mine.

Where is the best indoor play centres for kids, Carrum Downs parents and carers? I used to think these garish venues looked like a nightmare, but it’s easy to get into them when you see how massively they enchant the little ones. Geometric shapes to climb on, squishy things the fall on, tunnels to get lost in… it’s all there in one place. Even better, playing on it is officially allowed!

Some of these joints have what I refer to as a baby station, where even a one year-old can get busy exploring a cartoonish world, out of the bigger kids’ line of fire. Speaking of which, this little tyke’s first birthday is just around the corner – unbelievable! He’s already grown up so much. I wonder if Nikita has had a chance to look into kids party venues. Barrum Downs probably has some good ones.

Needless to say, I’d be more than up for helping Nikita out with party planning if she hasn’t gotten around to it. As for whether I should have a kid, I reckon I’ll stick to getting in touch with my inner child for the time being.

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